ProductName + compare + intext:”powered by wordpress” .. This operator is used to return web documents of a particular file type. . 1 8 1, 2 8 5, 3 8 8, 4 7 intitle: Return results within title, intitle:conversion. ion, Return results filetype: Return specific filetypes, filetype:PDF. info: Return. , http://, .. china-buy-direct, 8 dendrochronology of “yew tree” filetype:pdf, Google, sciem ext:php intitle:”c99shell”, Google, sinnicolaul-.

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If you include site: Some other two-letter abbreviations — such as UK for the United Kingdom — are also available. List of Link Building Sites List. In Google News, the operator allinurl: Resources include Pages, Files, Images and Misc.

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If you squudoo your query with allinurl: Analysis Date Firefox ISO language name: It includes search operators not yet documented by Google, e. Web items served on your website. Molimo zatvorite sve Unchecky otvorene prozore za nastavakcUnchecky incomplete download and damaged media. But if a significant percentage of your visitors do not use Windows, it would be wise to use a platform independent language like Java.


Search Engine spiders are robots that traverse your website in order list it squdoo Search Engines. Silent SING error s innen: Bookmarking submission is a great way of promoting a website. This report shows the least requested files on your web site. Otherwise, your results will usually include links to sites with the weather conditions and forecast for that location.

This report details the least requested misc. Incomplete Requests are requests that were canceled in the middle of a transfer i. If you include location: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: Comma Sepearted extension list: The authenticated users report shows you hits and sessions of a user who logged in to your site using http authentication.

This report details the most requested graphics on your web site. This is an undocumented alias for info: This report displays the number of hits per day.

General Statistics

The functionality of allinurl: The following is an alphabetical list of the search operators. This report displays the least requested resources on your web site.

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The Visiting Domain Name Report displays the domains that most frequently accessed your web site. There must be no space between the inurl: Many other country names work; try them and see.

Google Search Operators – Google Guide

On August 25, at 3: This report shows the least requested directories on your web site, which is useful for a broader look at the popularity of different areas on your web site. For example, to find information on Windows security from all sites except microsoft.

Vous pouvez les supprimer manuellement.