Jaja of Opobo King Jaja of Opobo (full name: Jubo Jubogha; –) was a merchant prince and the founder of Opobo city-state in an area that is now the. Called Jaja by the British, this gifted and enterprising individual He became King Jaja of Opobo and declared himself independent of Bonny. Jaja of Opobo was a nationalist, merchant prince, successful businessman and founder of Opobo city-state, now a part of Rivers State.

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During the 19th century the British became increasingly involved in the internal affairs of the kingdom, in assuming control under a protectorate treaty. In the discomfiture of his opponent, Oko Jumbo saw his opportunity. Worse times were yet ooobo come as political problems were compounded by economic dispute.

King Jaja of Opobo – On the Shoulders of Giants

There, opobbo survived the initial problems of a virgin settlement as well as incessant attacks of his Bonny enemies. At the time, Bonny politics were volatile as a result of the irreconcilable and acrimonious contest for supremacy between the Manilla Pepple House and the Anna Pepple House to which Ja Ja belonged. While the Manilla House welcomed the Christians with a warm embrace, the Anna House was opposed to the exotic religion.

The firm operated in Nigeria and in Gold Coast. A Canoe House was the pivot of social organization and also, notes K. It operates a network of over business locations across Fo, the United Kingdom and representative offices in Abu Dhabi, Beijing and Johannesburg set up to capture trade-related business between geographies.

When less prosperous and insolvent houses sought incorporation into the Anna House, Ja Ja gradually absorbed one house after another.

Ja Ja’s successes incurred the jealousy of opponents who feared that, if left unchecked, his house might incorporate most of the houses in Bonny and thereby dominate its political and economic arena. Ife king’s head in the British Museum.


But unlike the other African monarchs, this was not before he had sought explanation for the word “protectorate,” and had been assured by the consul that his independence would not be compromised.

Alexander Miller was a Scottish merchant who was principal shareholder Miller Brothers along with his brother, George Miller. Member feedback about List of Nigerian traditional states: Jaja of Opobo full name: However a fire outbreak which affected the Annan Pepple house gave Oko Jumbo the opportunity to strike, forcing Jaja to break away and establish the Opobo city-state in When Jaja arrived, the British arrested him and tried him in Accra in the Gold Coast now Ghana then took him to London for some time, where he met Queen Victoria and was her guest in Buckingham Palace.

King Jaja of Opobo (1821-1891)

The grass around is close-growing with neatly-cut edges, giving the dignified appearance of a public park. When he was eventually allowed to return inhe died on his way back. Today the King of Bonny has a largely ceremonial role. But inthe ship came under heavy attack from the banks in a move suspected to have been initiated by Liverpool merchants and citizens of Brass, Nigeria who were opposed to Miller’s de He was buried on the Canary Islands but the outcry of his people meant that he was quickly exhumed and reburied at home where he was mourned for two years and a ceremony was done to celebrate him as a deity.

He was just as shrewd and fore-seeing as he was powerful…He could be stern, and he was strict, but he was always just, and the form of government he set up was as near perfect as anything of its kind could be.

To follow the Ja Ja story or, indeed, revolution, an explanatory note is necessary.

King Jaja of Opobo: History of the great Nigerian hero

He first traded in Jqja but later founded a new flourishing trading settlement in in Opobo, a site where he felt he could best control the traditional sources of supply of palm oil in the region Cookey Subdivisions of Nigeria Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Infeeling reasonably secure, Ja Ja proclaimed the independence of his settlement which he named Opobo, after Opubu the Great, the illustrious king of Bonny and founder of Anna House who had died in Chief Madu was so impressed that he promoted Jaja from a peddler on the trade canoe to an actual successful tradesman.


There are also a few white descendants of English and French coloni The treaty provided for free navigation on River Niger and other rivers, such as the Imo, linked to it.

Jaja was arrested upon arrival and promptly sent to Accra, Ghana lpobo Gold Coast for trial. Instead he sought another land where he could give full scope to his boundless energies.

Jaja of Opobo | Revolvy

The sentence was deportation for five years in the West Indies. Any person with the charisma and proven ability, even if of servile birth, could rise to the leadership of a house, but could never become king. This was the reason behind the Benin Massacre. I hereby assure you that whether you accept or reject my proposals tomorrow, no oobo will be put on you – you will be free to go as soon as you have heard my message.

In a few years, he had become so wealthy that he was shipping palm oil directly to Liverpool. Infighting ensued within the Annie Pepple Royal House, Jaja would leave the house to create his own house which became Opobo; he jajx now recognized as King Jaja of Opobo. The town has an official post office. Lists of people by legal status Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. His people gladly paid the cost of repatriating his body and spent a fortune celebrating his royal funeral.