[Drum] Johnny Rabb – The Official Freehand Technique. Uploaded by fogobr Johnny Rabb The Official Freehand Technique Drum for Drummers. Sheet music for Johnny Rabb: The Official Freehand Technique (Book And CD): buy online. Arrangement: Drums (DRUMS). Published by Hal Leonard, Hudson. Johnny Rabb, besides being a master drummer, is really known for what he calls the ‘Freehand Technique’, which allows you to play really fast notes with one.

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Find all posts by MrPockets. Find all posts by Ofticial Roddy. Yo Johnny, Hey my brotha. If you haven’t heard of this before, check it out.


Send a private message to Ang. I was impressing friends and making the other drummers jealous of something I never thought I could do. Eventually after searching for thd long time on youtube for different lessons and techniques I obviously came across one of your clinics and was astounded at the speed and control of this witch craft.

Swiss Matthias Platinum Member. Every single order that goes out the door has a tracking number that will freehandd emailed to you, and all of it is completely insured. Find all posts by Wavelength. Thanks for your understanding.

The Official Freehand Technique

I was interested in it though, tge did my own research and found myself having a great time with it. Send a private message to Snorbuckle.


But I never actually saw anyone do anything that I would consider fast enough to be a roll until the Freehand technique came out. He made an ass of himself as a result.

Anyhow, I guess the tough thing for me is that johhny to the huge jjohnny of YouTube and all we can access on the internet, I feel like sharing this info. I really appreciate the feedback. My son saw you play and proclaimed you his new favorite drummer. Send a private message to Duck Tape. Originally Posted by Johnny Rabb Hi again everyone! Find all posts by Sjogras. Accessories Cases Covers Stands.

Maybe others have done it first Kenwood Dennard? I have my own stance on this topic, but really am trying to get to the bottom of what the drumming public thinks. Johnny Rabb Junior Member. Find all posts by keep it simple. I do have your drum’n bass book though, and I think it’s awesome! Someone please tell me, what is the d mn word? Freehand Technique by Johnny Rabb from the metal side of things, I’ve tried it out in the “gravity blast” context as we tend to call it. With the onset of YouTube in the early days, it was tough to keep people from posting clinics or performances.

Find all posts by RIneuron. Find all posts by Swiss Matthias.

He was the first “WFD”. But I sure love your playing, and the way you incorporate the freehand technique! Find all posts by Techniquue.

Welcome to the group Sir. Freehand Technique by Johnny Rabb Quote: Find all posts by GruntersDad.


Johnny Rabb: The Official Freehand Technique (Book And CD)

After reading the book and seeing the videos, I heard, through the web, of Kenwood Dennard doing it first. Last edited by Johnny Rabb; at Derek has heard my frustrations and I appreciate you all taking the time to comment like you did. While I haven’t checked all the particulars related to this technique, the consensus on this forum is that Jared Falk wrongly claimed that he was the inventor of this technique a few years ago.

My first encounter with tecunique free hand technique was likely through youtube a couple of years ago, but I mostly saw it as quite gimmicky with no real value in “normal playing”, due to its difficulty.

New Pearl EM1 3. For my own part, having played drums no longer than years, I feel like I have other things to work on primarily, but I will surely work on learning the technique in the future. Holy crap, it’s Johnny fn Rabb! Last edited by MrInsanePolack; at It’s an honor and a privilege to have you here sir.

I was hoping that new registering member would be the real Johnny Rabb – yes!