View and Download JR ProPo Xg8 operation manual online. 8 Channel GHz. Xg8 Remote Control pdf manual download. Since the XG8 from JR, which is a clear signal of the divorce with Graupner, but also Spektrum, I was looking for the user manual, by curiosity. RC Japan | Radio Control Aircraft | Car: Manuals – K&S FunTech Futaba Hirobo O.S. Engine YS Engine Other Quest [SALE] – JR XG8 Manual.

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Basic operation for the dial is rotating to the right or left, and pressing click. Setting Method The mixing amounts from the elevators to the flaps can be set separately in the up and down directions.

The programming information is clearly displayed on the large, graphical back lit screen. I will install it on the Rotmilan and would have much more to tell later: Enter text from picture: The aileron movement and flap movement amounts can be adjusted. After making the settings in this function, detailed settings should be made using Swash Mixing in the Function List.

In addition, an EXPO exponential function is also incorporated to allow smooth connection of each of the points. Programming is easy thanks to JR’s well-proven, intuitive user interface with data entered using the familiar scroll bar and four push-button entry keys. And don’t forget the telemetry that can tell the Rx voltage in real time! For Glider -5 flight mode with programmable delay. Following this, set each of the transmitter screens to the condition shown below, then carry out the transfer by pressing the FUNCTION key of the copy source transmitter.


Using selected switches, the engine can be fixed at an optional slow position.

Manuals : RC Japan | Radio Control Aircraft | Car

Other features include side-lever controls on either side of the transmitter, a Touch Select System for switch selection, dual trim options, a user selected menu for frequently used functions, failsafe on all eight channels, user assigned switch function, programmable throttle cut and two independent programmable timers. The Flight Mode name display is shown with two names, one long name and one short name, which are used in each of the screens, and each can be freely changed.

The repair will be paid for by the consumer when the damage is due to use in improper ways i.

The fact that DMSS is actually using quite a wide bandwidth signal is a huge advantage in 2. Methods Of Mounting And Sg8 Batteries After the charging has been completed, quickly detach all of the connections.

In addition, a Trim Input switch that is convenient for making adjustments during flight can also be used. These must be set in each screen by selecting the adjusting location and carrying out the settings using the dial.

Our hobby, our passion is in danger! Thus, there is no time delay between channel data transmission for these critical functions.

Enjoy operating the transmitter using your preferred style. Fail safe position for each 8 channel. Important In JR transmitters, each switch and lever is given a name rather than a number.


Touch Select System for switch selection. Further, the changes in pitch caused by the flap movement can be nr using the elevators. In the past JR transmitter were not “glider oriented” compared to the MX22, or graupner equivalent.

JR ProPo xg8 Operation Manual

In the case of gliders, normally up is set to spoiler closed and down is spoiler open. Page 9 – Mnaual of Mounting and Removing Batteri In order to make full use of these features and safely enjoy your RC activities, please carefully read this operation manual.

It will be possible to link the rudder operation using the aileron operation. From this point onward in the manual the receiver channels are described using their names, so be careful of this when reading the manual. For operations at speeds slower than the set speed, hr function will not operate. The possibilities are almost limitless. Keep this manual in a convenient place for quick. This func- tion reverses these directions.

The opera- tion switching is carried out using the trainer switches of the Master transmitter. Chapters Table Of Contents