Movie playback from content imported to a Kaleidescape server or from discs in a Disc Vault. High-definition onscreen user interface. Proprietary M-Class. Kaleidescape 1U Server & M Player. Shane Buettner | Sep 20, Performance Features Ergonomics Value. Price: $16, (as tested) At A Glance: . Kaleidescape and I go way back. This is the fifth time I’ve had one of its systems in for review, and I must say, the company’s products just keep.

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Our Premiere Line of Digital Movie Storage & Players |

Kaleidescape and I go way back. The company recently launched two new M-class players, the M and M, which are capable of playing Blu-ray content and importing it to Kaleidescape servers.

The new Profile 2. No, they are not 3D-capable.


After years of waiting for Kaleidescape to support Blu-ray, I was eager to check one out. Kaleidescape greatly simplified installation for me by sending a fully racked, pre-built system. The only differences are that the Kaleidescape logo has been slightlychanged, and a single Kaleidscape jack currently not used has been added to the back.

And you can plan on chewing up tons of storage capacity with Blu-ray titles: According to the company, an average Blu-ray disc eats up about 37 gigabytes. Disc importing takes roughly an hour for Blu-ray, and 25 minutes for standard DVDs. Control Your World Review: SETUP Kaleidescape greatly simplified installation for jaleidescape by sending a fully racked, pre-built system.

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Kaleidescape outs M300 and M500 Blu-ray players, copiers

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Kaleidescape outs M and M Blu-ray players, copiers

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