The Konica C35 EF is the very first compact 35mm camera to feature a built-in flash. The “C35” in its name stands for “Compact 35mm” and the “EF” standing fo. . The Konica C35 EF is a compact camera. It had the nickname “Pikkari” in Japan. Introduced in , the Pikkari was the first 35mm compact. With nothing to do apart from load and wind the film, focus, press the shutter the Konica C35 EFP is a shining example of a point and shoot.

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This camera comes in two variants, one from its release date in and a second model or “generation” from onwards. It compares favourably with the Olympus Trip 35 already in the collection. The left part of the viewfinder shows the different distances using the four people-symbols.

I really must get that dark room setup soon… What I am saying is that the lens is not noticeably soft or vignetty or suffers from any apparent lack of quality. Manual loading, advancing and rewinding of film. Now, I know it.

It is activated with a slight nudge towards the lens fe the screamy orange knob on the front. And yes, the lens is nice and sharp – definitely not a toy camera and it’s easy to find for only a few quid. One trick that can be done with it is that the auto-exposure can be locked by half pressing the shutter release; this can come in handy at photos with difficult lighting or ones that are too contrasty, as one simply can point at konjca scene with moderate or good lighting, half press to lock the exposure and re-compose.


Who knew adult field trips could be this fun and colorful?

Apparently he loved Konica so much, that he owned three. There are four focus distances: Flash charge starts immediately.

Konica C35 EF – Vintage Camera Lab

The biggest distinction was the self-timer, operated by a lever next to the lens. In the past four months, I have been shooting hundreds of photos with a Contessa Nettel Tessco. Wish they’d kept the classic black and silver of the c35s the c35v is arguably v35 non flash predecessor but that’s just me. Colourful, with a slightly washed out retro vibe with great sharp results when using the flash. No wonder people say: The Konica C35 EF konicq easy to operate: Paris is currently showing the handpicked shots of Koica social documentary photographer during his coverage of the post-war period.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You Might Also Like. Engineers a bit indecisive here? The lens is capable of taking clear and sharp photos, which have a nice vintage feel to them — or as the ad said: This site uses cookies. Learn the basics of the color wheel with the et and stylish La Sardina camera. Notify me of new posts by email. Until something else comes along, this is my favourite compact camera. Ko-Fi allows one off donations Thanks in advance!


There is always the c53 to adjust the ASA-number to manage exposure read: By clicking that link before you buy — at no extra cost to you — 35mmc will receive a little kick back from ebay to will help me keep this website up and running. Patreon allows those of you who would like to support 35mmc on a monthly basis with a small regular donations.

The main differences in the bodies is that the newer comes with a kobica timer lever on the left side of the lens, an orange plastic flash release knob the old one came with a black plastic one and the focusing symbols on the lens focusing barell are framed, otherwise they are similar. You can get air cell for hearing aids fairly cheaply that match Google flickr Monica c35 battery for more advice.

Konica C35 EF

The Konica C35 EF is a compact camera. Hailing from Indonesia, Lomo Cult is a self-confessed Lomography fanboy and one of our community’s most active members. About the shutter speed, does the camera automatically choose a shutter speed because I can’t seem to find anyway to select it.