Advanced Hybrid System. Installation Manual. KX-TA MODEL KX-TA Please read this manual before connecting the Advanced Hybrid. Panasonic KX-TA setup PBXDOM cloud call accounting service Configuration collector software baud rate data bits 8 parity none. MODEL KX-TA Please read this manual before connecting. This manual was printed the Advanced Hybrid System. with soy based ink. System Highlights.

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Table of contents Installation Manual Direct Inward System Access Structure Of The Manual Table Of Contents Basic System Construction System Connection Diagram Names And Locations Frame Ground Connection Opening The Top Outside co Line Connection External Pager paging Equipment Connection External Music Connection Paralleled Telephone Connection Polarity Sensitive Telephone Connection Printer And Pc Connection Location Of Optional Cards Doorphone And Door Opener Connection Backup Batteries Connection Securing The Cords Closing The Front Cover System Data Clear A Absent Message Capability Account Code Entry Automatic Callback Busy camp-on Automatic Outside co Line Access Number Automatic Route Selection Busy Station Signaling bss Calling Party Control cpc Signal Detection Call Transfer — To Extension Call Transfer — To Outside co Line C Call Waiting Data Line Security Date And Time Setting Direct In Line dil Direct Inward System Access disa Distinctive Dial Tones Display Contrast Adjustment Do Not Disturb dnd Executive Busy Override Extension Button Confirmation External Feature Access Host Pbx Access L Language Selection Limited Call Duration Line Access Buttons Outgoing Message ogm Outside co Line Ringing Selection Personal Speed Dialing Polarity Reverse Detection Power Failure Transfer Preferred Line Assignment – Incoming Preferred Line Assignment – Outgoing Pulse To Tone Conversion Ringing Pattern Selection Station Feature Clear Station Message Detail Recording smdr System Data Default Set System Speed Dialing Uniform Call Distribution ucd Before System Programming System Speed Dialing Entry Dss Console Port Assignment Lcd Time Display Selection System Speed Dialing Name Setting Second Feature Numbering Plan Hunting Group Set Hold Mode Selection External Paging Access Tone Co Indicator Assignment Hold Music Selection Automatic Redial Repeat Extension Ringing Pattern Selection Call Pickup Tone Dss Off-hook Mode Hold Recall Time Pickup Dial Delay Time Outside-to-outside co-to-co Line Duration Time Limit Hookswitch Flash Timing Range Selection Outside co Line Duration Time Limit Carrier Excepted Code Assignment Emergency Dial Number Set Routes 1 Through 4 Exception Codes Ars Dial Tone Pattern Selection Ars Outside co Line Group Outside co Line Connection Assignment Pulse Speed Selection Outside co Line Group Assignment Calling Party Control cpc Signal Cpc Detection For Outgoing Calls Outside co Line Ringing Pattern Selection Reverse polarity Circuit Assignment Disa Incoming Dialing Mode Selection Disa Built-in Auto Attendant Ogm Mode Selection Disa Delayed Answer Time Disa Waiting Time After Ogm Disa Busy Mode Disa Ringing Time Before Intercept Disa No Dial Mode