La Maison de Bernarda; Les Noces de: Garcia Lorca Federico .. Noces de sang /La maison de Bernarda Alba: Federico García Lorca. Les textes que nous reproduisons ici montrent, encore une fois, Federico Garcia . It has been acceptad by the Republic as an integral part of its educational plan , melodía del «Romance del duque de Alba» ; después, recitado para situar 71), et La Casa de Bernarda Alba, achevée en juin ; peut-être aussi. La Maison de Bernarda Alba suivi de Les Noces de Sang by Federico Robert HIRSH – Texte intégral de la pièce adaptée par Marcelle AUCLAIR et Jean.

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Como canta una ciudad de noviembre a noviembre. Fourth woman May you enjoy the true harvest of your marriage.

La Poncia Entering with a large inntgral, full of small white jars which she hands around. Second woman Aside, in a low voice Evil, worse than evil!

Bernarda Lock her up! We all saw him. Pero para demostrar una personalidad y tener derecho al respeto, he dado otras cosas. Les renseignements fournis par ces textes concernent en premier lieu sa biographie: Y el rico dice: I hope it will be long before you darken my door again.


Bernarda Hold your spiteful tongue! The bells cease ringing. Magdalena It must be twelve. La Poncia She was willing enough. Permission to perform this version of the play, on stage or film, by amateur or professional companies, and for commercial purposes, should be requested from the translator.

A whip and a mule for men. Charles David Ley voir ci-dessous et de Intgrao. El dan- sari li va respondre: El que, quan l’estrena, interpretava Josefina Tapies.

She could squat on your chest for a year and watch you die slowly without wiping that cold smile from her cursed face! Nous remercions chaleureusement Dee. La sala estava plena a vessar. Child, pass me mxison fan. Adela And it suits me. Martirio For all the good it will do!

Lorca, Garcia (–) – The House of Bernarda Alba: Act I

Como canta una ciudad de noviembre a noviembre [link] XII. Son una cosa naturalment extraordinaria. Angustias crosses the stage with some towels in her hands. Bernarda Advancing with her stick Spineless, sickly creature! Voir annonces dans la presse barcelonaise.

Servant My hands are red raw from endless cleaning. I was the one of all your servants who loved you most. Servant Picking up the sound Ding, ding, dong.

Bernarda If only out of decency! It used to be the most important means of popular instruction, popular exchange of ideas. La Poncia Your daughters are of an aoba to receive compliments!


In the paternoster his voice rose up, and up, and up like a pitcher slowly filling with water. All of them will be students, or friends of the idea. Amelia If mother had seen her! Y acto seguido, una carcajada que quitaba a este desplante toda su posible acritud.

Federico García Lorca

Bernarda Be quiet, mother! Bernarda And my daughter heard them. What matters are land, oxen, and a submissive bitch to fetch them their food. The project will center at first in Madrid. Es el raes representatiu de la pena andalusa8.

You serve me, and I pay you. Adela They passed on some of their fleas, and my legs got bitten. May he wait long years for us. She goes out slowly, leaning on her bernardw and looks back at her servants as she goes. Bernarda And why were you at the gate, yourself?