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Nuestras risas, nuestro amor I rooted for them. I know nothing about Julie Maroh, or graphic novels, so it’s all new to me. But remember, it is the blue that is making me go, while the colorless is urging me to stay.

Both the movie and the book have pacing issues. And like most critics she deems the movie to be pornographic.

Le Bleu est une couleur chaude

They drive a key plot point forward, and I wanted to understand them better. It’s the impact of this story that makes you reel, not the dogma of any ideology.

That, combined with the lesbian rep, the message, and this coming of age story full of angst and true love and tragedy gripped me until the very last page. It broke me when the thing that happened happened.

The illustrations are wonderful, especially when it comes to Clementine t I picked up this graphic novel largely because of Ilse and Warwick’s very different— but equally fascinating—reviews and was not disappointed. She had so many flaws and made so many mistakes that it was so easy for me to relate to her.

All I knew going into it was that it featured a FF-romance, but I had no idea if the tone was going to be sad or not. Something that, rather stupidly I guess, took me by surprise is the homophobia that the MC has to ju,ie with.


BUT Valentin was sweet and genuine. Julie Maroh born is an author and illustrator originally from northern France.

Un historia tierna, bonita, dulce y realista. Oh well, I thought the ending was cheesy. I find it hard to get a copy. Evidently I needed a change, so I got this. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If you’ve got the opportunity to read the original, I’d recommend that.

Creo que tengo miedo Now I want to see it. I always assumed, I know I shouldn’t do that, the French were the pioneers of human indulgences. Paraphrasing Tolstoy, all happy loves are the same, each unhappy love is unhappy in its own way. It’s a simple enough set-up, Clementine, a high school junior, falls in love with un My first venture into graphic novels, that was only really bought on by watching the Palme d’Or winning film of which I found astonishing, sexy as hell, but also profoundly moving.


Le bleu est une couleur chaude

Yet the novel has weakness as well. Those are the first words that came to my mind after I’d finished this book. It made me realize once again the privilege I have that I can just pretend for a while that those fantasy worlds are a reality, where in fact the world is still pretty much a big disgusting homophobic mess. Since the Cannes win, an English translation has been rushed into print, so hopefully Maroh’s work will be as widely read as it deserves to be. I know the film version of this is rather Blue is the Warmest Color was one of my favorite graphic novels of last year.

Le bleu est une couleur chaude : Julie Maroh :

It’s a really quick read. Not everyone could be Katniss Everdeen, especially in Clem’s situation. See all 3 questions about Le bleu est une couleur chaude…. Julie Maroh started the comic when she was Sob you will, dear reader. Blue flames are warmer than red flames, blue is the more passionate. This book isn’t just about two girls falling in love with each other.


To ask other readers questions about Le bleu est une couleur chaudeplease sign up. Blue is the warmest color, by Julie Maroh 1 25 Apr 18, Exhaust you into slumber. Most of the book is done in a sepia tone with flashes of blue accents. This elicited all kind of things. Emma and her blue hair. Contrary to Emma, who’s a few years older and lucky enough to ha Deeply moving, powerful, tragic, sensitive, relevant. Jun 22, Warwick rated it really liked it Recommended to Warwick by: It was heartbreaking, yes, but I felt it was necessary for the story.

We don’t really get into Emma’s head at all, which is a fatal flaw in so many love stories. Well, that’s quite embarassing.

Andrea Chiara Well, there are some sex ciuleur but it’s definitely not porn and they’re definitely not represented like in the movie. In Romanticism Novalisblue stands for the dream, the immenseness of longing, the remoteness of the ideal. How crappy to do this to Emma who was cheated on and now she can’t be angry because this girl is dying.