Optimization Guide: User Logon Understanding and Optimizing the Logon Process for XenApp and XenDesktop. i. WHITE PAPER | Logon Optimization. Table of. WHITE PAPER | Logon Optimization i. Optimization Guide: User Logon. Understanding and Optimizing the Logon Process for XenApp and XenDesktop. Citrix CTX How to hide the domain from Director Logon Page: Citrix XenDesktop and Windows 10 Optimisation Script – “Optimise Windows 10 in.

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But I got also a problem with the UPM event. When using the article, make sure you include all of the DB Connections shown below.

Optimize Logon Times – Part 2: OS Optimization – xenappblog

A difference of 1. Current Releases also come with new features, which might include new bugs. Your scheduled task is now created. Hi There, great article!

XenApp/XenDesktop – Carl Stalhood

If only Anonymous logon was supported with windows 10 … I tried but it seems difficult to publish a custom authentication as anonymous app on a TS and from there get a desktop. George Spiers November 29, Run the script again to remove it. Any reported issues will require the most current revision of the software http: The machine is restarted between each logon so as to mimic a first-time session logon post restart xendsektop VDA where no profile is cached.


Personally I think WEM vs. You can cancel the wizard. Alternatively, you can import the vCenter certificate to Trusted People on every Controller. I find that a Scheduled Task that runs at startup to start each app processsuch as winword.

Mike November 16, This can only be altered and read using the PowerShell command. I am a bit confused as to what xendestkop taking the 11 sec for VM start.

Optimize Logon Times – Part 2: OS Optimization

The image should get primed with the user account and it should speed up the new user logons for a non-persistent desktop which flushes the state at log off. I use it together with the xenapp anonymous feature. StoreFront unifies the user experience. Citrix Admins that will have permissions to Studio and Director. After the loading, the dialog box disappears, and the Explorer application fails to appear. In optimizatioh scenario it will take control, however not start LHC and resources would not be available.

Check the box next to Remote Desktop Licensingand click Next. Repeat for the remaining script files. I implemented this on a non-persistent environment, and the default reboot-after-use behaviour. George Spiers November 14, Once I added upmevent.


Category: XenApp/XenDesktop

Jan Goormans October 3, George Spiers November 27, Also if you have time, give my Server Optimisation script a try on a test VDA and see if logons improve any further than what you already have. Kevin Kutzera August 30, Citrix Policies also control graphics ad.

George Spiers November 23, Thanks, I guess I saw it wrong on some other site. Enter the name of the first Delivery Controller, and click OK. If you use the Upload feature multiple times, the last selected folder is not remembered. I published the new image with the newly created platform layer but the image update failed with the error: Unfortunately, some VMs reboot after the AutoLogon account logs off, and keep cycling through re-initializing and autologon for minutes or hours.

This user account should be secured with a strong password and be a Domain User only.