LXTALE from Intel Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. (This Datasheet also supports the LXT PHY.) Applications. Product Features LXTALE – Extended (° to 85 °C amb.) ▫ LXTALC. LXTALE Networking & Communications – Ethernet Products – Ethernet PHYs/ Macs/transceivers Details, datasheet, quote on part number: LXTALE.

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The FEFI consists of datasneet consecutive ones followed by a single zero. Collision status is the secondary LED driver. For example, setting Register lxxt971ale On the transmit side, the LXTA has an active internal termination and does not require external termination resistors. The LXTA supplies both clock signals as well as separate outputs for carrier sense and collision.

January Page Description Clock Requirements: If JTAG port is not used, these pins do not need to be terminated. These pins are not used and should not be terminated. Test data driven with respect to the falling edge of TCK.


A4 A4 Datashete Figure Refer to Table 52 on page Nine signals are used to pass received data to the MAC: The OSP signal processing scheme also requires substantially less computational logic than traditional DSP-based designs.

Test reset input sourced by ATE. If the link pulses stop, the data transmission is disabled.

LXTALE Datasheet PDF – Intel

RJ connections shown are for a standard switch application. Additional power savings may be realized by supplying the center-tap from lxt971alle 2.

This document also supports the LXT device. Operational loopback is not provided for Mbps links, full-duplex links, or when Refer to Table 9 for details. Table 42 is a complete memory lxt791ale of all registers and Tables 43 through 58 provide individual register definitions.

Refer to Table 15 for transformer requirements. August 7, 47 LXTA 3. Supports JTAG boundary scan. This feature is provided as a diagnostic tool. Primary datum C and seating plane are defined by the spherical crowns of the solder balls.

LXTALE Datasheet(PDF) – Intel Corporation

This prevents the user from reading an old value in 6. Lzt971ale 23 on page 50 provides a typical twisted-pair interface with the RJ connections configured for a NIC application.


Configure Register bit It is dataasheet only during auto-negotiation, and is applicable only to twisted-pair links. However, RXD outputs zeros until the received data is decoded and available for transfer to the controller. August 7, 41 LXTA 3. Maximum frequency is 8 MHz. Low power consumption mW typical.

LXT971ALE Datasheet

Unspecified or reserved combinations datasgeet not be transmitted. Auto-Negotiation Expansion Address 6 Bit 6. Each supply input must be de-coupled to ground. A flip-flop and a latch are used for the serial shift stage and the parallel output stage. Parameter is guaranteed by design; not subject to production testing. The LXTA asserts this output when a collision is detected.