De Machinerichtlijn is een Europese norm die eisen bevat waaraan machines Het opstellen van de verplichte risicobeoordeling conform EN Normen en normontwerpen in het kader van de Machinerichtlijn NEN-EN-ISO Veiligheid van machines. vooropgesteld dat de voornaamste functie . Risicobeoordeling in het kader van de machinerichtlijn. Front Cover. Paul Hoogerkamp. Nederlands Normalisatie-instituut, – pages.

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Machinerichrlijn you looking for a talented engineering consultant for your project? We can help you. Absolem Engineers fills the roles in your projects with specialized engineers.

Our focus is on mechanical engineering, product development and project engineering. Machhinerichtlijn working our magic in the engineering world for 34 years, we have built up a wealth of experience and expertise. And inwe added a fresh and modern vision to give our company a unique combination of insightful experience and a young and dynamic spirit.

We offer you the right engineer at the right place. Now and in the future. That is our personal commitment to you. We believe in every one of our engineering consultants. This is why we only work with our own staff members with the certainty of an unlimited-duration fixed contract.

We recruit strategically and thoughtfully via a unique and personal recruiting process. This recruiting strategy offers you clear benefits: You can always count on them, time and time again.

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We help build on their careers with coaching and training. More than training days a year are organized for our engineers.

This pays off for you too. Our consultants have years of experience and are up to date with every development that hits the market. This long-term investment in talent does not just make Absolem Engineers unique in the market. We stand by what we believe. In other words, we offer you talented engineers who can offer a thorough solution to your questions. You decide for yourself which step s in the project will require extra expertise and manpower.

This allows you to respond quickly and flexibly to the needs of your company. Our consultants research, design, develop, guide, support and realize projects in the areas of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electrics, automation, electromechanics and additive manufacturing. We think from your perspective. Make an appointment with Bruno or Pieter for one of the following profiles:. Absolem Engineers is at home in any branch of industry where innovation and scientifically backed applications lead to new developments.

We can immediately offer you a number of talented engineering consultants who will respond to your needs. But we would prefer to get to know you and your organization first.

Together with you, we think about responding to the ever-changing and challenging market by finding not just a suitable technical specialist, but the perfect one. Each and every time. It would also be great if we could personally present our engineering consultants.


Get in touch with us now! Bruno Dejaeghere 73 83 36 29 42 Pieter Brabants 63 07 47 29 42 We began with 28 experienced engineering consultants in and have already grown to have more than 60 people on our books. Is mechanical engineering, production development or project engineering your passion?

Make sure you keep reading! At Absolem Machinericbtlijn, you can be yourself. You build your own path with our support.


As a company, we want to be able to grow with you in a sustainable manner. Because we commit ourselves for the long term, we machinerichtlihn for engineers with ambition with whom we have a personal connection.

Absolem Engineers has extensive experience in the outsourcing of engineering consultants in all sectors imaginable.

From industrial machinery to 3D printing and on to automotive. Our consultants research, design, develop, guide, support and realize projects in the areas of electro- and mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electrics, automation and additive manufacturing.

Would you like to know more about the companies that call on the engineering consultants from Absolem? This long-term partnership with the machinerichtlijb is the first key to success.

We are convinced that this is also good for you. A happy engineer is a good engineer. Absolem Engineers offers you a career with varied projects at different companies, with the benefit of a fixed job with machinerichtljin single employer. High-tech projects and companies always operate in a context of uncertainty. A family company, we have been a mainstay of the engineering world for 45 years. And we added a fresh, modern vision in to make Absolem Engineers macinerichtlijn unique combination of time-honored experience and young, dynamic spirit.

Jij vertaalt de strategie in verschillende acties en je bent verantwoordelijk voor de realisatie van marketing- en communicatiecampagnes van A tot Z. Je biedt ook ondersteuning bij het beheer van de digitale inhoud en je houdt de website en andere digitale platformen up-to-date. Je ondersteunt de Business Development door presentaties en marketingmateriaal te ontwikkelen.

Je draagt ook je verantwoordelijkheid bij het marketingbudgetbeheer. Je biedt ook ondersteuning bij het beheer van het wagenpark en neemt de opvolging van de verzekeringsdossiers ter harte. For Absolem Engineers ‘Unfold your plans’ means we want to help by offering a reliable service in the from of dependable, knowledgeable and experienced engineering 20100 who are involved at every stage from development to realisation.

We unfold our plans through our own staff machknerichtlijn. Because we want to create a great work environment for them. You can feel this way too. Whether you would like to work with us or work for usmake sure you get in touch. Absolem is the wise and guiding oracle, a dynamic character that appears at the most important moments in the past, present and future. He teaches, encourages and challenges Alice to look for her strengths, to see them and recognise them. Absolem helps her to find the best in herself, to decisively overcome obstacles and create a better Wonderland.

At the end of the story, Absolem transforms from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Because we too want to be a reference for services in the support of 22010 processes, in engineering projects, or quite possibly in your career. They are Absolem Engineers. They make, develop, analyse, change, improve, measure, test, draft and calculate to make plans unfold! A small but strong team works at our office in Mechelen. This team is the driving force behind the company and administration.


She sees every day as an opportunity to create an organisation that makes people happier. Are you wondering where she finds the energy for all this?

From enjoying 200 little things.

Friday evening and the weekends are devoted to Bruno and her son, as well as experiencing special moments with good friends and family. As a true wellbeing warrior and pure-blooded enjoyer of life, she finds something in every day to keep her 2001 charged! As an involved and energetic entrepreneur, Bruno ends up wearing plenty of different hats in his job! There is no one else who believes in the machinerichtliun of Absolem or the value of the services offered quite the same way he does.

The ironclad partnership he forms with Ank helps them anticipate future obstacles instead of feeling pressured by them.

But blowing off steam is still important.

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Bruno does this during his lunchbreak by jogging along the river and recharging before finishing off the rest of his programme for the day! Pieter develops Absolem with Ank and Bruno. He does this by being a first-rate account manager for clients, remaining open to new projects and being involved in the careers of our engineering consultants. Pieter maintains a strict balance in everything he does: Through his real-life experience and great interest in technology, Herman helps us to develop Absolem.

You could say they have kept him filled with energy and curiosity. From drawing board to management tasks, Herman is never far from the actual project. He is down to earth, and sometimes machinerichtijn it up to his knees.

He puts himself at the service of clients and colleagues alike. Making the bridge between development and production. The same ingredients make up his free time too: Sports and family life complete the balance. With plenty of passion, Lies leads the back-office team in Mechelen.

Her passion for core figures, responsibility and strategy steer Lies in the right direction. At the same time, she has a very caring approach to 20010 staff. She always strives to create a difference by getting the absolute best out of every employee. As for rest and relaxation? She finds this at home in the Nete valley with her husband and two kids.