In a study on ponds in the Golestan Province, Iran, a number of shrimps was caught and identified as Macrobrachium nipponense. Due to the. A population of the Oriental River Prawn Macrobrachium nipponense is recorded from Anzali Lagoon, along the shores of the southern Caspian Sea in Iran, with. The oriental river prawn (Macrobrachium nipponense) is mainly distributed in East Asia. The phylogeography, population genetic structure and.

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It is a small sized shrimp of East Asian rivers, a member of the Palaemonida family of decapod crustaceans that is widely distributed in freshwaters and low salty regions of estuaries [ 12 ]. Sampling were done from may to my parameters such as, length frequency, growth rate, sampling, macrobrachhium, environmental factors and sedimentation were investigated.

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IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

This forms the first report of the experimental susceptibility of M. It was titrated to violet endpoint 0. Regarding the count of mold and yeast, no mold was observed in any of the samples. After equilibrium, using a regular funnel, slowly was filtered the lower chloroform layer from the separator funnel through a double 15 cm filter paper Whatman No.

Analyzing dried shrimp showed that they can be a very rich source of protein and used as a healthy food in the market by the consumer. Another reason for the high level of fatty acids in the shrimp can be high cholesterol levels.

The statistical analysis was performed using the SAS software. Also, there was no significant difference between dried samples in the cabinettype air and under vacuum dryer s in terms of thiobarbituric acid, but there was a significant difference between them and dried samples in oven dried samples. The split plot in time unit was used based on the randomized complete block design.


On the other hand, many of the reactions that occur during the thermal process in food can affect their color. Another study by Niamnuy et al. However, in between samples, the amount of peroxide in dried samples in both oven and under vacuum dryers was similar and in cabinet-type air dryer samples was lower. Other parameters derived from the above color parameters include the Chroma index indicating the intensity of the colorthe Hue angle an indicator of the food color that is the angles of 0 or degrees, representing the red and the angles 90, and degrees represents the yellow, green and blue colors, respectively and the brown index the product color changes to brown color [ 35 ].

On the other hand, the results of this study showed that the amount of ash was high due to the salt adsorption.

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Therefore, the results of this study indicate that the use of metalized films is more suitable for maintaining the quality of shrimp meat. The plate was thoroughly mixed by the rotational movement. Login with your Institution.

In this regard, sensory evaluation is a scientific method in which the properties of food are reflected in a way that can be macrobrachikm and measured. On the other hand, features such as the red-orange color, low shrinkage, and little tough are the preferred quality of dried shrimp [ 6 ].


Therefore, the color is one of the most important and apparent aspects of food, which affects consumers’ acceptance. More information and software credits.

The fat results of this study were lower than fat contents reported by Akonor et al. Hwang 2Y. The results showed that the amount of FFA was respectively low and high in the dried shrimp by cabinettype air and under vacuum dryers during 6 months of storage.

Macrobrachium nipponense – Taxonomy Result

The chemical changes and the food spoilage by microorganisms have always been a great concern for the human. The flavour and taste of dried shrimp in the first month also had a good rating for 6 months. It is hypothesized that these species may be introduced randomly or through the transfer of fish from nipponens natural habitats, such as China, to the Iranian waters. But there was no significant difference between dried shrimp in the oven and nipponfnse vacuum dryers until the end of period.

The dried samples after removal of shell, head and tail were under vacuum packaged into metalized polyethylene films.

Macrobrachium nipponense (De Haan, 1849)

The Chroma index and Hue angle with increase in the storage time decreased, which indicates a decline in initial quality over time.

Swimming through troubled water.

Three 10 ml aliquots of chloroform filtrate were transferred into pre-weighed aluminum drying dishes and allowed to evaporate the solvent.