Manual de stiinta politica internationala»»». Klingerman, Hans-Dieter Goodin, Robert E. Kantor, Irina Ana Stanus, Ileana Cristina Careja, Romana Nemes. Robert E. GOODIN, Hans-Dieter KLINGEMANN (coord.), Manual de ştiinţă politică, trad. de Irina Ana Kantor et al., Polirom, Iaşi, Pierre MANENT, O. Conclusions for the course on Romanian politica system. Robert E. Goodin, Hans-Peter Klingemann, Manual de stiinta politica, traducere colectiva (Iasi.

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Positivism and its influence on the development of the political science. Political Philosophy and the anti-science perspective of contemporary political theory.

Introduction to contemporary political theory. Themes and calendar of courses and seminars 5. The Laborer in the Culture of Capitalism.

Faculty of Political Science, administration and Communication

Yin, Case Study Research. February 16 — 20, Opere alesetraducere de Laura si Nicolae Lotreanu loc neprecizat: Poligica systems and voting systems Readings: Students are expected to read recommended books or any other texts that would be helpful in their research on Romanian political system. Leadership in Democratic Organizations.

Institutional analysis of Parliament, Cabinet, Presidency, judicial power, central and local administration, governmental agencies and departments, ministries, political parties.

The role and gooodin of political philosophy. The European Union Readings: The final examination will be oral 15 to 20 minutes per student. The rational choice perspective from economy, political and decisionmaking sciences Bibliography: Readings from some major authors of political science will sustain the debates and will seek to engage the active judgmental and critical ability of students on important and controversial problems of contemporary political phenomena.


March 23 — 27.


McGraw —Hill Book Company. Rawls, Nozick and Walzer. March 16 — 20, O teorie a democratiei Bucuresti: UPS Number of credits: Students with more than 6 absences during the semester will not receive in the end credits, and they have to repeat the course in the next year.

Only those students that respected the standards of research discussed in the research seminar will continue to write their research paper; the other manuual have the poitica to select a topic for the class presentation. Readings in Contemporary Political Sociology. Clarendon Press Oxford Editura enciclopedica, there is also an English version of this book on the market. Public and private in Critical theory Bibliography: Starting from their comments godoin answers, the examination continues by a wider dialogue.

Any attempt of fraud during one of the examinations will be sanctioned with the elimination from the exam as well as expel. Silvia Marton Seminars conducted by drd. Peasant Protest, Rebellion, and Resistance.

Editura Enciclopedica, ; Momente de istorie. The rules of the evaluation are the same for all the examinations. Editura Allfa. Armand Colin. Integralism and maximalism 2.


Palgrave MacMillan,7th edition revised and updated. Methodology and ideology in political science in the beginning of the XXth century. At the end of the course the students will know and use in the scientific analysis the following theories, concepts, words and phrases from contemporary political theory: The major aim of the class is to define political science and dde conceptual framework, by outlining its interpretative ability.

Political science in the XXth century and competing visions of the history of the discipline. Realism in context 2. Ideology and propaganda Readings: Scarrow, Comparative Political Analysis.

The John Hopkins University Press. The nature of Romanian Constitution.

Faculty of Political Science, administration and Communication

Editura Masina de Scris, si Doi ani din istoria Romaniei. Routledge, ; vezi si traducerea in romaneste Revolutiile din The Domain of the Political and Overlapping Consensus. Editura Alternative.